Kaplický představil Rejnoka

Kaplického nový tvor přezdívaný Rejnok by měl být novou koncertní síní     v Českých Budějovicích. Snad. Blob mu (nám) nevyšel, což je škoda.             V Budějovicích snad nebudou o téhle černé stíhačce rozhodovat omezenci, najdou potřebnou miliardu na realizaci a Kaplický nám tu tak bude moci konečně něco postavit. Praha pak možná začne závidět a knihovny se třeba nakonec preci jen dočkáme…:) 



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8 komentářů to “Kaplický představil Rejnoka”

  1. oli Says:

    Well i do not agree with you Kaplicky is just in the trend of better architects like Zaha hadid, Calatrava or Frank O’Gerhy, and kaplicky is far behind. his only luck is he is Czech so he can may be build something in Czech Republic, but it doesn’t make him better sorry.

  2. Calamito Says:

    Well, I like most of his work and I think he should build something in Czech rep. But Zaha Hadid and others should too:)

  3. ahasver Says:

    kaplicky is overrated. yes, he has some inovative solutions in his concepts, yes, he has one cool building, yes, his studio produces (sometimes, unfortunatelly never for czech market) sometimes good pieces of design. BUT his works presented in CZ clearly show his lack of abilities and that he is not doing architecture – he is just doing a design that already grew old

  4. oli Says:

    you are absolutely right.
    BUT a detail, when it’s crap work or good it is still his work, not only his studio.
    he is the boss and he approves the job done.
    I do not forgive him for mediocrity regarding lack of idea and concept when he want to work for his own country.
    Just to say that his country deserve idea and concept before just and only design and style. may be he needs serious new talents in his studio, for sure.
    next steps and looking forward ambitions

  5. ahasver Says:

    regarding the designs – he has some art directors in his studio, as far as i remember. the things that they produced for london design week two years ago or so where just a creation of very small team inside of his small team. i think that the director of this was a woman (but i am not sure).
    that is just an example – i wanted to write studio because in design i guess (from what i’ve seen) the things are more varied than in architecture (one template again and again)

    regarding gehry – we have one of his pieces in cz and quite a good one. we are lucky not to have serpentine here :)) (and i hate nouvell for what he did to anděl in prague)

  6. Calamito Says:

    I forgot! Dancing house! Exam on 2.9. will be interesting:)

    I also don’t like Andel creation so much, even though the building looks ok as a overall project, what you can see just walking around is quite bad…

  7. czina Says:

    myslim, že s knihovnou je to už stoprocentně zabitý. Kaplický je natolik hrdý pán, že už se sem s chobotnicí prostě nevrátí…

  8. cZarte Says:

    I think that discussion here is quite selfish. That library building project by Kaplicky was quite provocative, but solution of book storage and fire protection and study rooms was unrivalled. The concept of whole building is right from 21. century. I guess that only thing which could be dispute is design of cover and that is based on self opinion of disputing persons.

    What I prefer is not to build the modern style – big glass, steel and beton bricks as WTO was. Here in czech republic we have several building in this crazy and ugly style and Kaplicky project is realy totally different. That is impressive for me and many friends around.

    I think is needed more buildings as Kaplicky project in Czech Republic.

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